Week 9 Results – 10’th March 2017

Ah, no, my first gain week of 0.5kg (1.1 pound) – surprised? Nope, not much. I think I have become a little complacent. 

Soooo I started back running and to ensure I stick to it, I signed up for a 10k run in 5 weeks. “Now that I’m running, I can eat/drink what I want” – now there’s the Laura I have become familiar with over the years…each planned fast day failed…on the other hand there were lots of things in my personal life to celebrate so it’s not all bad 😬

Rather than beat myself up which ultimately ends up in an over endulgance of sugar and carbs, I will jump back on the wagon and put it behind me (I’m lying, I’ve just had a carb overload) – okay moving on from that, its back to basics…

I find if I can stay away from sugar I just don’t crave it. Is there anything anyone else finds helps in this case? Maybe a personal trainer would do this trick? Whatever it is, I am in need of a little inspiration. Thanks for your help,



Week 8 Results – 3’rd March 2017

Yeahhh another 0.5 kilo or 1.1 pounds to be exact 🙂 Well I didn’t quite make the 3’rd fast day yesterday despite my absolute commitment last week which I said with such conviction 😉 I did try but I messed up my days and had just done my second fast on Wednesday and honestly back-to-back fasting is a no no for me – I was very contrary on account of being starving so ended up having a few sneaky glasses of wine, a cheese board, and a mars bar square – now there’s dedication to the absolute rebel within 🙂 Feck it, I’m still down and I must say I really am starting to notice the results so far in my clothes plus I still have a life! I put on a dress today I haven’t worn in ages and I look grand in it if I do say so myself 🙂

The plan this week is to do the 4:3 – I know what you’re thinking, yeah, yeah but here’s the plan – Head out for dinner tonight for a lovely Mexican and mojitos – oh my mouth is watering writing this  – then do my day 1 fast is on Saturday, day 2 fast on Monday and day 3 fast on Wednesday – there might be a little reshuffle on Saturday depending on what’s on but look I’m planning so that’s half the battle!

Sooooo….how is everyone else getting on? Any tips or tricks we should know about? Thanks again everyone for your support to date,


Week 7 Results -24’th February 2017


And, we’re  back!!! Slowly but, look it, if I can continue to lose 0.5 kg/week, I’ll be a size 0 in no time (I have no desire to be that small BTW)! So half a kilo – what is it? 160 tea bags according to some very reliable resource 🙂 160 anything is good enough for me – I a numbers girl you know 😉

So I didn’t actually stick to the 4:3 because I had another busy weekend, including the best news of all – my sister had a beautiful baby boy – this was an absolute celebration must – Good old vino tinto and a takeaway were featured 🙂 of course! I stuck with the 5:2 and 16:8 combo. I will try the 4:3 this week (provided no major social events rise out of the blue) to escalate the weight loss. I’d love to see a full kilo gone for a little boost.

I booked accommodation for Lisbon with one of my besties who happens to be lovely and thin which I am totally fine about, haha! Ah no, she will inspire me further when I see her in her summer smalls with zero lumps and bumps. I am hoping to have a stone gone before then – Jaysus she’ll be looking at me in admiration 🙂

So, nothing major planned this week apart from a lovely date this evening with my better half but I will try (yeahhhh right) to skip desert and forget about the spectacular cheese board on the menu!!!!

Until next week and remember “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got!” In other words, do something different to get real results.


Week 6 Results – 17’th February 2017

Frustration.jpgAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, another “nothing” week!!! “But why?” I ask myself – well let’s see, I was in Austria last weekend and I’m pretty sure as well as pure diet negligence over the weekend, a “pre-holiday takeaway” managed to sneak its way in along with a couple of bottles on vino tinto!!! Suprised? Not at all….I think I might be running out of luck and expecting results when I really deserve a weight gain…So I’m well past my usual diet lifetime of 4 weeks so it’s about time I did something to spice it up.

I found this article on the 4:3 (click here) which is basically an extra fast or 500 calorie day per week. It’s a 6-week plan which brings me up nicely to my next trip to Lisbon with my super fit, naturally slim friend – I love you really 😉 I also have a good friend’s wedding in 5 weeks eeekkkkkk…..Back to the article, it’s suggesting I monitor my non-fast days also and ditch the booze for 6 whole weeks – well maybe I will just cut back…..

This week I will aim to have my fast days on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday so expect great things this time next week. I’m learning that we really need to mix things up on a regular basis to prevent boredom – the thoughts of going back to drastic diets like low carb is killing me – Let’s face it, life is much better with potatoes!!! I am going to use ‘MyFitnessPal’ app for the entire week and literally input EVERY MORSEL of food that passes my lips….Until then be good or be good at it,


Week 5 Results – 9’th February 2017


Another 0.5 kilo gone so that totals 3.5 kilos or just over 7 pounds or half a stone!!! Oh and do you want to hear the really great news? I am a total of 6.5 inches down which includes 2 inches off my waist – Future skinny Laura, here I come 🙂

I didn’t have any 500 cal days this week and stuck just to the 16:8 (fast for 16 hours which includes your sleep and eat within an 8-hour window). I had a hen party and a client night out and still got results. I had a chat with a couple of people about this way of eating over the weekend and explained I skipped breakfast- they really thought this was a terrible idea. For me, though, the girl who tried every diet, this works for me so I will power on. I am just not hungry in the mornings so shovelling 400 calories unnecessarily makes no sense to me!

So what’s on the agenda this week? It’s only since I started writing this, I realised how busy we all are in life and the many social obstacles we have to face on a weekly basis – another reason why restrictive diets can make our lives hell. Today I’m off snowboarding – my mother is still convinced snowboarding involves lying forward on a piece of wood while you slide down Mount Everest 🙂 “NO Mammy it’s far more dangerous than that – you are standing on a board trying to keep you balance down a vertical slope!” “Would you not just go skiing Laura?” “Hhhhhmmmmm, Nahhhhh.” So I’ll be there for the weekend. It will likely involve lots of beer and food but at least I’ll be burning off the calories during the day.

So that’s my week – another hectic one but that’s the beauty of life. Life is too short to be constantly restricting yourself. Eat that cake and don’t feel guilty – just find something that works for you. If you haven’t tried intermittent fasting, I personally would recommend it – if you found something else, well great!

Until next week – Oh Christ fingers crossed I will come back from Austria in one piece and SKINNIER 🙂


Week 4 Results – 2’nd February 2017

Christ, 4 weeks already – oh it’s a dangerous and interesting time as 4 weeks is my general limit 😉

Another 0.5 kilo gone (or 1 pound) – I’m happy and I’ll tell you why now: pizza takeaway on Thursday, out for dinner on Friday, chipper on Saturday, and out for dinner again on Sunday….now, now before you judge I told you last week it was my other half’s birthday and I wasn’t expecting any great results this week. I only went to the gym twice….”stop Laura, you are starting to brag” 🙂 Yet another reinforcement that this intermittent fasting really does work. 

Last week I did one 500 calorie day and the rest were 16:8 (fast for 16 hours including sleep and eat within an 8 hour window). I keep thinking if I was more disciplined and didn’t have loads on, I would probably have lost a lot more at this stage……nah…..I’m happy out losing slowly and keeping my social life thank you. Besides this weekend I have my good friend’s hen 🙂
So if you’re like me and you have a busy life, a true love for food, and socialising then come join me on my quest to get SKINNY and happy while doing so 🙂
Later, xL

Week 3 Results 25’th January 2017


Okay, I’m going to be upfront…..I was going to lie to you and tell you I lost 0.5 or even 1 kg but the truth is I was exactly the same as last week….I’ve known this since yesterday (my bad) but only had the courage to tell you today. You see there’s so much going on…..I know, I know, excuses, excuses….

On a positive note, I didn’t put anything on and I probably really should have (flashbacks of many empty Cadbury wrappers). I did, however, get one 500 fast-day and have been sticking to 16:8 so it definitely does work!

This week is going to be challenging – you see it is my other half’s birthday and we have a couple of nights planned out for drinks and dinner sooooooo I’m not expecting a miracle next Wednesday – I’ve been going to the gym this week though so let us see what happens.

Moving forward, I hope to have positive news in the form of lost kilos when we catch up next. Thanks as always for keeping me on the straight and narrow (ish)…:-) xL

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